Jennifer Seymour is an Assistant Nurse Manager in an Emergency Department in a Level I Trauma Center and a mother to three teenagers. Eight years ago, she knew nothing about guns when she found herself in a vulnerable position with her daughter and began her journey into the firearms world, with a goal of self-defense. She started competing in 3 Gun in 2014 and was instantly hooked on competitive shooting and has since competed in USPSA, 3 Gun, IPSC Shotgun, NRL-22, and PRS. She shot her first PRS match at the 2017 GAP Grind as an amateur and quickly discovered her love for long range rifle. After the first time the RO called impact on the 1000 yard target, there was no pulling her away from the sport. She has since concentrated on her new love of PRS and can be found at PRS matches throughout the year. On Tuesday nights she can be found co-hosting The Shooter’s Mindset, a You-Tube show she has been a part of since early 2015. Each week the show has a guest, either a competitive shooter or business owner in the gun industry. The show allows viewers to interact live with key members of the shooting community by asking questions or commenting. Jennifer works heavily to give back to the sport through The Shooter’s Mindset, as well as instructing at several competitive shooting classes both locally and at the A Girl and A Gun National Conference. 


Caliber: 6GT

Stock: McMillan A-10

Action: Curtis Custom Vector

Trigger: Triggertech Diamond Pro-Curved

Barrel: Hawk Hill Custom Barrels

Gunsmith: Spartan Precision Rifles

Muzzle Break: MPA

Suppressor: GSL Suppressors GT-Mag

Scope: Nightforce ATACR 5-25x with Mil-C Reticle

Mount: Warne Skyline Scope Mount

Bipod: Warne Skyline Bipod

Rail: Ingenuity Adjustarail

Tripod: Really Right Stuff with Anvil Ballhead

Shooting Bags: Wiebad

Ammo: Prime Ammunition

Jersey: UNDR Industries

Eyewear: Hunters HD Gold


Prime Ammunition

McMillan Stocks

GSL Suppressors

Nightforce Optics

Warne Scope Mounts

Hunters HD Gold

Shooters of Augusta

SHARPE Shooters

Phone Skope

UNDR Industries


The Shooter’s Mindset